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A small inn, located at the northernmost point near the sea in Hyogo prefecture, ran by a young couple.


The ever changing Japan Sea moves 365 days.
Lead astray by the wind, I lose myself in narrow alleyways.
Black walls, hanging onions and friendly voices in a nostalgic dialect.
The warm scenery of Takeno.
Where you can feel the atmosphere through your skin, ears and eyes.
A balanced circle of a town, the sea and people.

Hitotomaru refurbished a building that was vacant for about ten years into a guesthouse.
The first floor houses a bar, which has a preserved classic Japanese ‘sunakku’ or ‘tea house’ appearance. This is a place where those staying over can interact with the locals.
On the second floor is the guesthouse. We have decided on having and abundance of natural materials to create a relaxed atmosphere.
Stay over in our shop.
Stay over in our bar.
Stay over in our guesthouse.
You’re welcome!

gesthouse and bar

  • Mixed dormitory(max. 5 people) picture1,2

    3,000 yen per night per person

    Power sockets, reading light, room divider, dressing room, sink.

    Private room A(max. 3 people) picture3


    Power sockets, reading light, standing mirror, room lockable with a key

    Private room B(max.4 people) picture4

    1person:4500yen、2person:9000yen、3person:12000yen 4person:15000yen

    Power sockets, reading light,sink room lockable with a key

    Peak season fee
    Extra costs are +500 yen per person in the periods of: ①Saturday, Sunday and public holidays between July and August, ② From 27th April to 6th May.
    The costs for renting one entire room are: 35,000 yen

    Extra costs are +1000 yen per person in the periods of: 11th of August to the 19th of August.
    the costs for renting one entire room are: 40,000 yen

    About meals
    Breakfast: Japanese style breakfast 600 yen(please let us know during your check-in)

    About check in/out:
    Check in times are from 16:00 to 22:00.
    Checkouts are until 10:00.
    Lights off at 23:00.
    Please be as quiet as possible after that.

    Contact us in advance if you would like to leave your luggage before checking in.
    We might not be able to respond if you try to contact us on the day of arrival.

    About payments:
    Please pay cash at the check-in. We unfortunately cannot accept credit cards.

    ・During winters (December to February), we handle a 300 yen heating fee per night.
    ・The entire facility can be rented for maximum 12 people for 30,000 yen per night.
    The bar is excluded and will be open as usual.
    ・Because this is an old-style building, sounds may echo through more than expected.
    We ask you to take this into consideration not to trouble other customers.
    ・Also, please understand that noises from other customers may be heard.

  • It's okay to have a drink and let loose
    It's okay to have a chat at the counter
    It's okay to talk with your friends
    It's okay to have a fun chat with the locals
    You're free to be yourself.
    Let’s have a fun time and make your stay in Takano a time to remember!


    Draft beer, sake, shochu(Japanese brandy), longdrinks, cocktails, etc. We also have soft drinks! We also have simple snacks for meals. Overnight guests of are free to bring their own food and drinks.
    Opening times are from 18:00 to 22:00(from 18:00 to 23:00 in July to August)

    Closed during Wednesday and Thursday.
    Open every day during July and August.
    Between December and March we are closed on Fridays for the ‘Everyone’s Dinner Party’ See bulletin 6)in section ‘Food’ for details.

  • <About dinner>
    Please choose from 1)Self catering, 2)Dried food set meal, 3)Sashimi set meal, 4)Luxurious dinner set, 5)Eat outdoors

    ※In case of 2), 3) and 4), please let us know how many people are to be expected during reservations
    ※The images shown are examples, as the contents/
    ingredients may vary upon the offerings of the catch that day.

    1)Self catering
    We have a spacious kitchen with cooking utensils and spices for you to use freely. Local shops are 5 minutes on foot, Lawson 8 minutes on foot and a big supermarket 10 minutes on foot

    2)Dried food set meal(1,200 yen)
    Hand dried fish caught locally in Takano. Served with rice, miso soup, and a small bowl of pickles

    3)Sashimi set meal(1,800 yen)
    Fresh catch of the day from Takano. Served with rice, miso soup, and a small bowl of pickles

    4)Luxurious dinner set(3,500)
    A set to enjoy with friends! Sashimi, grilled things, small snacks, pickles, etc.

    5)Eat outdoors
    ・Kitakami-san: 3 min. on foot
    ・Mitsuba: 2 min. on foot
    ・Yshiro: 15 min. on foot on Benten Beach(reservation required)
    Takano has only a few restaurants, so reserving in advance is recommended

    6)‘Everyone’s Dinner Party’(every Friday from December to March)
    The winters of Tajima are long and tough. In order to overcome these severe winters, the local people come together to enjoy a meal with each other. For this we have initiated the ‘Everyone’s Dinner Party’. Guests are invited, but are required to bring one item as well.
    Please understand that participating may also be charged during checkout.

  • We have only one shower. Utilisation time is between 16:00 and 22:00 and 07:00 and 10:00
    ※Feel free to use the body soap, shampoo, conditioner and dryer.

    There is a hot spring close by(Kitamae-kan). It has a wonderful view available over the sea and is highly recommended, as we ourselves regularly visit as well.
    We also have discount tickets available for guests.

  • <Free to use>
    ・Wi-Fi internet
    ・Hot water thermos bottle
    ・Smartphone chargers
    ・Free drinks
    ・Coffee, tea and green tea
    ・Hair dryer
    ・Reading lights
    ・Changing rooms
    ・Lockers for your valuables
    ・Ear plugs
    ・Face towel(200 yen)
    ・Razor(100 yen)
    ・Toothbrush(100 yen)
    ・Make-up remover set(150 yen)
    ・Face water and toner set (150 yen)
    ・Bath towel(100 yen)
    ・Laundry machine with detergent(200 yen)
    ・Tumble dryer(100 yen)
    ・Bicycle rental
     (500 yen for two hours, 1000 yen for a day)


  • train
  • bus

Hitotomaru Takeno 49-6 Toyooka-shi, Takenomachi Hyogo-prefecture 〒669-6201
[TEL] 080-4243-1400
[E-Mail] info@hitotomaru.com / Contact form
[Days off] Bar: Wednesday and Tuesday(open every day in July and August)
Guesthouse: irregular/unscheduled holidays